Calle Manuel Bellido 9- bajo 2, Castellón de la Plana
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Calle Manuel Bellido 9- bajo 2, Castellón de la Plana

The jungle team

The brandDiscover an adventure full of flavour and fun!

The jungle team

The Jungle Team is our exciting brand, featuring five incredible animals offering fresh and delicious produce as well as a unique experience for kids.

It’s the perfect combination of fun and nutrition, designed to help children enjoy meal times and have fun.

Our packaging is not only attractive, but can also be used as toys, promoting both creative play and sustainability.

The jungle team Rony


A bit of a tearaway, fun and charismatic. An adventurer who fights for nature.


The genius inventor, normally laid back but he doesn’t have unlimited patience. A fan of anything that’s new.

The jungle team-Risco
The jungle team-Mini


A cheeky little lass who loves beauty and is passionate about fashion, colours and everything that is attractive.


Our fanatical foodie, who loves trying all fruits and vegetables. A great friend who is kind hearted.

The jungle team-otto
The jungle team-Lucy


An intelligent, curious and friendly panda. She knows everything about anything and loves teaching others all she knows.

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